Webcam long shot - Chateau Fairac

Webcam long shot - Château Fairac

Take a look at the area through our own live webcam

Overlooking the Dordogne, the border of Henry II’s Aquitaine, there’a powerful zoom camera mounted on the Cottage – just on the French side. It sees some of the five notable châteaux in the home area, as well as the grand gardens of Marqueyssac.

A menu of 20 pre-programmed positions is offered for ready pointing but the direction and zoom can be remotely manipulated from this web connection. Have a go now! But, please leave it parked it in a ‘pretty’ direction.

webcam button

Webcam controls

Webcam controls


Using the webcam

On clicking the webcam button above, you’ll see a page (as in the picture opposite) with an image and controls to the left of it. The numbered buttons (and the drop-down menu below them) point the camera at a number of preset locations. You can click on the displayed image to tour about or zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Preset directions (which can also be accessed via the table below) include some fabulous views of the countryside, local châteaux and the Dordogne river – plus a couple of TV antennas close by (which are good for bird watching) and thermometers for checking the temperature on the roofs there!

Preset directions

Click on the links in the table below to point the camera directly at those locations.

No. Pointing at No. Pointing at
1 Temperature nearby 11 East panorama
2 Bridge, Dordogne below 12 Dordogne, river below
3 Milandes Château, distant 13 Evreau Port, for Milandes
4 Rue rural below Cottage 14 Milandes Château, close-up
5 Traffic D704 towards St Cyprien 15 Hameau Vieille, close-up
6 Jean Paul’s TV antenna 16 Fayrac Château, close-up
7 Equine centre, across valley 17 Radar domes, over Domme
8 Hameau Vieille, across valley 18 East panorama
9 Fayrac Château, East, near Castelnaud 19 Michelle’s TV antenna
10 Marqueyssac Gardens, to East 20 Dordogne, river below

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